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 NameTypeValueMarkupRefines ToAmountSourceFound on
Basic Metal ExtractorTexture Extractor0.01   LootedPlanet Calypso, ROCKtropia

Creature Loots

 Creature ItemFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
Foul (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoung17.1.1Last VUEdit
DefenderBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonGen 01Last VUEdit
HarbingerBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonAlpha17.0.5Last VUEdit
TrooperBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonGen 01Last VUEdit
 OompaBasic Metal ExtractorUnknown Last VUEdit
Drill BotBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonReinforced17.0.3Last VUEdit
AtraxBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
OroBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Skyshatter DroneBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Dire WeedBasic Metal ExtractorCommonMature16.5.2Last VUEdit
Swamp LurkerBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
PaneleonBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonOld16.4.1Last VUEdit
Male ZeladothBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Imperium PilotBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonPilot Rank 1Last VUEdit
YogBasic Metal ExtractorNo longer dropsScrubLast VUEdit
Brood of WarrenBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
DymlekBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonProvider16.3.1Last VUEdit
TrilomiteBasic Metal ExtractorCommonYoungLast VUEdit
ScipulorBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 16.3.0Last VUEdit
WombanaBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 15.20.1Last VUEdit
MournerBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
DrokaBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonGen 0115.19.1.2Last VUEdit
Tide ClawBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonMature15.18.1Last VUEdit
Horned BirdBasic Metal ExtractorUnknownMature15.17.2Last VUEdit
KorwilBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 15.17.0Last VUEdit
Living VortexBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonGaleLast VUEdit
Plumatergus (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorUncommonMatureLast VUEdit
Brood of BramBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
RazortoothBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonMatureLast VUEdit
TiarakBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoung15.15.7.3Last VUEdit
Armored Whisker FishBasic Metal ExtractorUnknown(No Level Name)15.15.7Last VUEdit
BokolBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoung15.15.0Last VUEdit
BahriBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonAlpha15.13.1Last VUEdit
Island GorillaBasic Metal ExtractorCommonSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
Magurg MaleBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 15.12.0Last VUEdit
SunjoqBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 15.11.4Last VUEdit
Jeef QaherBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonPioneer15.11.3Last VUEdit
QaffazBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
ImperiumBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
KamaldonBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 15.10.1Last VUEdit
HadraadaBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoung15.9.3Last VUEdit
Scout BotBasic Metal ExtractorCommon100Last VUEdit
LegionnaireBasic Metal ExtractorCommonGen 01Last VUEdit
KhaffashBasic Metal ExtractorCommonGrand MasterLast VUEdit
DuholBasic Metal ExtractorCommonGuardianLast VUEdit
IFN Defence BotBasic Metal ExtractorUnknown Last VUEdit
JellywormBasic Metal ExtractorUnknownMutant15.7.4Last VUEdit
Zombie Biker NomadBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonScavenger15.4Last VUEdit
Big BulkBasic Metal ExtractorCommon 15.3.0Last VUEdit
Zombie Biker EnforcerBasic Metal ExtractorCommonIntelligent15.2.3Last VUEdit
 Harlem HustlerBasic Metal ExtractorCommonL7Last VUEdit
Mutant BoarBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 15.1.1Last VUEdit
Electro Dance MachineBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
ZadulBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
HalixBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoung15.0.1Last VUEdit
CombiboBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoung14.9Last VUEdit
Itumatrox (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorRare Last VUEdit
Armax BullBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
Arges CyclopsBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon VUEdit
AsterionBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
Mountain BoarBasic Metal ExtractorCommon 14.7.2Last VUEdit
Ambulimax (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
FaucervixBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonGuardianLast VUEdit
Portal GuardianBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
ChimeraBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon VUEdit
Oratan MinerBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon VUEdit
Oratan SlasherBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 14.5.1Last VUEdit
OstelokBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonProwler14.5Last VUEdit
Drone (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorUncommon 14.4.2Last VUEdit
Buccaneer SkeletonBasic Metal ExtractorCommon Last VUEdit
FeranBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 14.3.2Last VUEdit
Atrox (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorRare Last VUEdit
Zomhattan St BoysBasic Metal ExtractorOften 14.1.3Last VUEdit
Argonaut (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorUncommonScout14.0.3Last VUEdit
HuonBasic Metal ExtractorRare Last VUEdit
RipperSnapper (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorUncommonOld12.10.1Last VUEdit
Hiryuu (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorUnknownYoungLast VUEdit
MerpBasic Metal ExtractorRareMature12.8.2Last VUEdit
JoriBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
DeerBasic Metal ExtractorRareSingle Maturity MobLast VUEdit
PrancerBasic Metal ExtractorRare Last VUEdit
Petit Red PapooBasic Metal ExtractorCommonOld12.7.3Last VUEdit
Brown PapooBasic Metal ExtractorCommon Last VUEdit
Lone WolfBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonYoungLast VUEdit
 ThiefBasic Metal ExtractorUncommonAdultLast VUEdit
Red PapooBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon 12.7.0Last VUEdit
StalkerBasic Metal ExtractorCommonG408412.6.3Last VUEdit
Feffoid (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorUncommonRaider12.6.2Last VUEdit
Island SharkBasic Metal ExtractorUncommon Last VUEdit
AurliBasic Metal ExtractorRare 12.4.3Last VUEdit
KianaBasic Metal ExtractorRare 12.0.3Last VUEdit
TeladonBasic Metal ExtractorExtremely rare 11.10.2Last VUEdit
JamRaiderBasic Metal ExtractorUnknownGen 0111.4.4Last VUEdit
Exarosaur (Calypso)Basic Metal ExtractorRareStalker11.0.2Last VUEdit
MoliskBasic Metal ExtractorRare 10.9.2Last VUEdit
CornundacaudaBasic Metal ExtractorRare 10.8.1Last VUEdit
BristlehogBasic Metal ExtractorRare 10.6.6Last VUEdit
GokibusagiBasic Metal ExtractorCommon 10.6.3Last VUEdit
MulmunBasic Metal ExtractorRare 10.2.2Last VUEdit

Missing loots

ItemCreatureLast VUDropsKillsDrop rate
Basic Metal ExtractorDrill Bot 100112.7.020 

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