Mission: Yellow Crystals?
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Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:Repeatable (Cyrene)
Objective:Acquire 5 Yellow Crystals
Reward:1 Cyrene Mission Token
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Miner 49r Bot
Added:Planet Cyrene 2012.1


Miner 49r would lke you to prospect the nearby fields for Yellow Crystal. Return once more when you have acquired 5 Yellow Crystal enmatters.

  • Acquire 5 Yellow Crystals


Miner 49r Bot (Southern Base 128535, 83782)
Hello prospector,

I'm the Miner 49r Bot, my job is to collect mining information from these nearby locations.
  • I'm actually not a prospector, thanks....
  • Excellent, what can you tell me about the nearby area?

If you choose 'Excellent, what can you tell me about the nearby area?':
My records show that there are concentrations of a variety of minerals and enmatters. The one I'm most interested in is Yellow Crystal.
  • Thanks for the information. I'll be on my way now.
  • Yellow Crystal, eh? How can I help?

If you choose 'Yellow Crystal, eh? How can I help?':
I need to verify that the fields are still rich in Yellow Crystal enmatter.

Bring me back a sample of Yellow Crystal and I will reward you with 1 Imperium Token.
  • Sounds good.

On return to Miner 49r Bot with 5 Yellow Crystal:
Excellent, it appears that the deposit fields in the nearby area are flourishing.

You can check backwith me in 24 hours in case I need another sample.
  • Thank you.

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