Mission: ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-57
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Objective:Kill 40 Mulholland_Boy
Reward:1000 ROCKtropia Gold Coins
Mission Broker
Nearest City:City of Dreams
Required Mission:Police Academy III - The Graduation Years
Mission Locations


This mission seems to get activated when you teleport to the Mulholland Way teleporter. You must have a police radio to receive this mission. This mission appears to be repeatable, but is in some way linked with Police Call 10-66, not sure exactly but either they can't both be active at once, or you can't have more than 2 police calls open at a time.


Edit:  I ran a few of them to verify.  It appears you need to first do 10-66 the stereo jacker mission, which spawns when you goto Studio Gate South and then walk to the end of the walkway.  Once you have done 66, this one opens up, use the teleport to goto Mullholand way and it will spawn..  After completing, you have to do the jacker mission again before this one will respawn, you can not just complete this one and go for another round of it.


As far as I can tell you can repeat this sequence indefinately unless you fall from favor with the RT cops.... sluggo

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Mission Locations

ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand Area
Rocktropia13682483568Mission Location ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-57 

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