Mission: Inventing a Color
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Planet:Next Island
Objective:8x Papplon, 8 x Refined Danburite Crystal, 8 Animal Muscle Oil
Reward:Miranda Violet and Miranda Violet Blueprint (L)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Dr. Tom Shepherd
Nearest City:Crystal Resort
Required Mission:Lost First-Wave Elysians


Inventing a Color

Help Dr. Tom Shepherd to gather ingredients for his new color.


  • Help Dr. Tom Sheperd create more Miranda Violet paint.
    • Gather 8 x Papplon
    • Gather 8 x Refined Danburite Crystal
    • Gather 8 x Animal Muscle Oil


Dr. Tom Shepherd:
You won't believe this! I've actually invented a new color, using only the local materials found here on Nesoi Makaron! And unlike some of my other experiments, I can absolutely replicate this!

I can't wait to show this to my girlfriend... maybe I'll even name it after her! Miranda Violet? Miranda Purple? What do you think? That's romantic, right?
  • You're Dr. Shepherd! You're one of the First Wave! I recognize you from the Elysian transmission!
  • Sure, who wouldn't love a new paint color?
  • You're a weird old man, and I'm done talking to you.
If you choose "You're Dr. Shepherd!...":
That was such a long time ago, young <Avatar Name>. We arrived here on Nesoi Makaron with such high hopes for a new Elysian colony, but it soon became apparent that even here, pursuing our scientific passions, we were not immune to some of the darker side of human nature.
  • Darker side?
  • About your new paint.
If you choose "Darker side?":
Xiao Liang was the first to suggest potential sabotage. We couldn't prove the hypothesis defininitively, but we had too many setbacks to blame it all on bad luck.
The most logical explanation - not that we have clear proof, young <Avatar Name>!- is that someone back on Earth and someone here on Next Island are actively working against Elysium.
Although one of the basic principles of scientific questioning is not to let our emotions cloud our reasoning, it was just too distressing for the First Wave to be looking suspiciously at each other and wondering who might be sabotauging our group. I left to live and research more independantly before suspicion poisoned my mind.
  • About your new paint.

Or if you choose "About your new paint.":
Isn't that exciting? An entirely new color!
  • Sure is!
Or if you choose "Sure, who wouldn't love a new paint color?":
Thanks, young <Avatar Name>. I'm much better at xenobotany than romance, but Miranda is really special.
  • I bet!
Why don't you have a can of my new Miranda Violet for yourself, or give it to your own sweetheart.
  • Oh! Thanks a lot!

Reward: Miranda Violet
I can replicate this formula, but I'm running a bit low on supplies. Could you help me out?
  • I'd be honored to help an Elysian legend like you, Dr. Shepherd!
  • I guess so... if there's a good reward.
  • I have better things to do than collect papoo guts and flower petals.
If you choose "I'd be honored to help...":
Thank you, young Septim!
  • You're welcome!

Or if you choose "I guess so...":
You must be a Newlander, young <Avatar Name>! I'm sure in time you'll adapt to the Elysian ideals of community.

But thanks for your grudging help.
  • You're most welcome!
Here's a list of the materials I'll need to make this paint. Return to me when you have found them.
    • 8 x Papplon
    • 8 x Refined Danburite Crystal
    • 8 x Animal Muscle Oil
  • I will fix them for you Mr. Shepherd!

  • On returning to Dr. Tom Shepherd:
    Have you found the materials?
    • Yes, I have them here.
    • No, not yet.

    If you choose "Yes, I have them here.":
    Thank you, young <Avatar Name>! Here, take this blueprint as a thanks. Now you can make Miranda Violet yourself!
    • Thank you!
    That paint won't do you much good without one of these Colorators! Here, take my old one. It's about time I replaced this old thing, and choosing a new one will give me a good reason to go talk with Miranda.
    • Thanks a lot!

    Reward: Bleaching Attachment for Elysian Colorator, Elysian Colorator and Blueprint - Miranda Violet

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