Mission: Craft a Pattern Shirt Series 1 (L,C)!
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:Repeatable (Cyrene)
Objective:Craft a Pattern Shirt Series 1 (L,C)
Reward:Tailoring (eq. 0.04 PED Implant)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Ron Sophiscus - Item Fabricator
Nearest City:0x101 Supply Depot
Added:Planet Cyrene 2013.2


Give me hand will ya?

- What's up?

I'm feeling it's less than fashionable around here, you should craft a Patterened Shirt Series 1 (L,C).

I'll increase your Tailoring skill by 0.04 PED if you do. What do you say?

- For sure!
- Meh, no thanks.

No problem, I'll be here...

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