Mission: Hating on Haters Vol I
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Mission Chain:Hating on Haters
Objective:Kill 100 Haters
Reward:Concentration(0.09PED) or Perception(0.26PED) or Alertness(0.17PED)
Reward Skills:Alertness
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Kristi
Nearest City:New Harlem

Mission Broker is Kristi at Playa del Harlem 

/wp [Rocktropia, 135300, 89414, 102, Kristi]

(copy and paste into game for waypoint)


You need ROCKtropia Record on you to get the mission, she will not take them.


Hating on Haters Stage 1
Objective: Kill 100 Haters
Reward: Concentration (eq. 0.09 PED) Or
Perception (eq. 0.26 PED) Or
Alertness (eq.0.17 PED) 

Hating on Haters Stage 2
Objective: Kill 500 Haters
Reward: Handgun Or Rifle Or Longblades (eq 1.31 PED)

Hating on Haters Stage 3
Objective: Kill 1000 Haters
Reward: Clubs(1.72 PED) orShortblades(2.63 PED) or Cryogenics (0.86 PED)

Hating on Haters Stage 4
Objective: Kill 5000 Haters
Reward: Combat Reflexes or Weapons Handling (13.13PED) or First aid (4.3PED)

Hating on Haters Stage 5
Objective: Kill 10000 Haters
Reward: Courage (17.19PED) or Dodge (8.59PED) or Evade (8.59PED)

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