Misc. Item: Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 1
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Weight:0.3 kg
Item Points:1
Maximal TT:20 PED
Found On:Planet Calypso
The device is dirty and most of the data seems to be corrupt. There are however still a few readable entries:

Log 10328:

This is a godforsaken place.

We arrived at the site during the night and set up camp behind some wood covered ridges to the east. Though we cannot see the object from here, we can all sense its presence. The area is so silent with hardly any wind. It is as if even the majestic sky has bowed in silent worship.

The camp was easily built, not like in the old days when all you had was an undersized tent and a few handheld data units for logging. Now it's more like a small village, complete with teams of technicians, researchers, drivers, doctors and chefs. I even have my own private tent; complete with a lab almost as good as the one I have back at the office. I can understand those who say that field work has lost that exciting sense of adventure it once had.

The old knee is at it again, hurting quite a bit to be honest. I can still walk on it, but not much more. I am fully aware this may be my last real excursion as these old legs of mine might not be able to carry me into the field for many more years. I had the usual 'pep talk' with Greg before I left and he almost said it out loud this time. Not that he had to really, I already know.

Even if he's right - even if this is my field trip - I am more than willing to make it a grand finale. The subject is more than promising, harbouring all the intriguing mystery of this new and alien world. Tomorrow we will travel to the site and begin our studies. Ivan, Catherine and I will be the ones to approach the object. At least she convinced me to let Reilly take us there in the truck this time.

I don't think I will get much sleep tonight. God knows what we will find.

Log 10329:

The short journey was just as bumpy and uncomfortable as Reilly promised, but in hindsight it was worth every second of it.

My god, it is absolutely beautiful. I realize now that the reports from the Minopolis scouts don't come anywhere close to describing just what it is I am looking at now.

The strange object is maybe 10 meters in diameter, it's hard to tell from a distance. Shaped like a perfect orb... jet black surface with only a hint of reflection. It hovers a few meters above ground, and just as the scouts reported it seems to be... pulsating slowly, almost as if.. breathing.

We are still one hundred meters from it as we do not want to risk exposure to any unforeseen radiation. Our sensors only detect a faint distortion in the magnetic A40 to C50 range... but... We will have to come back tomorrow with all the necessary protective equipment. Right now I just want to stand here and gaze at this wonderful object. What can have caused this? What placed it here and why here? Aliens? Nature? I can't wait to begin my studies.

It was Catherine that pointed out to me what I should have noticed as soon as we arrived; there don't seem to be any birds in this area. I can only guess as to why. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. I am not a youth anymore and it becomes more and more apparent every day that I need her alert senses and her unwavering intuition. Maybe one day I will be able to tell her just how much.


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This item has been reported to drop from these creatures.

CreatureFrequencyMaturityLast VUUpdate 
Argonaut (Calypso)No longer dropsAdult9.2.4Last VUEdit

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