Land Area: Asteroid - F.O.M.A - Fortuna
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Land Name:F.O.M.A - Fortuna
Owner Type:Avatar
Owner:John Foma Kalun
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All Time High Asteroid.

More mining ATH/Ubers found here than in the rest of Entropia Universe combined!



A home to three Unique DNA's only found here: The famous Daspletor(quite a few places in ATH list with 103k and 98k as the biggest so far), Cornoanterion and Caperon. Home of the Unique PVP Racing Arena, triple(3) Channel Radio broadcasting station(with various international music choices for your enjoyment while you are hunting or mining), Full shopping mall, eight(8) Apartment Buildings Complexes, VIP Dance Club, twenty one(21) separate areas for hunting/mining and much more...

New areas and features are always being developed/added!

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