ChartItemTypeOld ValueNew ValueTimeUserMarkUndoComments
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Name VAT-100 Mentor Edition VAT-100, Mentor Edition 06-05-2019 11:51:13 darkaruki (talk) fixing
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Markup 10500.00 1200.00 10-07-2018 12:51:50 rctfenix (talk) 7/10/18 T3 sold at +1200 in PCF trade.
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Efficiency 43.5 05-04-2018 16:49:32 Chong (talk) Entropia Auction
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition MSource PEAuction Tzepu's Shop 25-11-2007 02:35:23 PkmX (talk)
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Markup 4507.93 10500 25-11-2007 02:35:23 PkmX (talk)
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Class Carbine Rifle 27-08-2007 12:25:10 Sound (talk)
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Weight 4 08-04-2006 19:31:24 Paolo (talk)
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Pen 35 04-11-2005 12:19:53 Witte (talk)
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Attacks 75.0 75 03-11-2005 00:00:04 Witte (talk)
Weapons VAT-100, Mentor Edition Item Image VAT Rifles 01-10-2005 18:23:47 Minder (talk)
When adding an amp: Black means the weapon is not affected by the selected amp type, Green means the amp is used at full capacity and Red means the amp is too powerful for the weapon. The maxed column indicates the profession level where the learning period has ended.
  • Effective damage: Effective damage is based on average damage and is corrected for the hit rate of a maxed weapon.
  • Skill based: Damage is based on personal or custom profession levels. See help or the discussion tab for more details. Rows that are higlighted are missing profession level data.
  • Markup based: Dmg/PEC is calculated based on the markup of the weapon, amp and ammo.
  • Eco based: Markup value of the weapon is calculated based on a custom Dmg/PEC level.
To determine the decay of an item, see the guide "Calculate the decay of an item". Showing 1 of 56 items.


Hit profession:
Damage profession:
Amp markup:
Ammo markup:

Type: Planet:
General InformationStatsEconomyMisc. InfoSourcePersonal effects
NameClassTypeRangeDamageAttacksDmg/secDecayAmmoCostMax.TTMarkupDmg/PECEfficiencySIBSourcePersonal effects
VAT-100, Mentor EditionRifleBLP66.0387533.02.6707009.67078.001200.00 PED2.73143.5NoMentoring 
     meterHP/minHPPEC PECPED HP%   

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