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16.4.1Entropia Universe18-06-2019Bug fix
16.4.0Entropia Universe11-06-2019The text will be later
16.3.2Entropia Universe28-05-2019Platform upgrade
16.3.1Entropia Universe09-05-2019Company Shares System update, bugfix
16.3.0Entropia Universe25-04-2019Company Shares System released, Instances/Mayhem changes, camera/interface fixes
16.2.1Entropia Universe16-04-2019Minor changes and bugfixes
Planet Calypso 2019.0.3Planet Calypso10-04-2019Easter Mayhem content, minor changes and bugfixes
16.2.0Entropia UniverseNaming conventions standardized, camera/control system changes, QoL changes, bugfixes
Planet Calypso 2019.0.2.1Planet Calypso24-03-2019Monria fixes
16.1.1Entropia UniverseInfinite (L) armor hotfix
Planet Calypso 2019.0.2Planet Calypso14-03-2019Monria updates, graphical improvements
16.1.0Entropia UniverseAdjustments to camera/control system, issues fixed, minor game improvements
16.0.3Entropia Universe05-03-2019Further adjustments to camera/control, issues fixed
16.0.2Entropia Universe26-02-2019Adjustments to new camera system, options added, issues fixed
16.0.1Entropia Universe21-02-2019Adjustments to new camera system
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